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Next Club Meeting: Monday 13th January

This is the first club meeting of the new year and will include an AGM.


13/08/13 Our Meeting

We'll be running our next meeting at Warmingham Lane on Sunday 25th August. There will be two work parties on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd in the evening. These will be to dig out any trenches to let water drain off the track so bring your own shovel. There will be another one on Saturday 24th for putting up the ropes and finishing off any loose posts so bring a knife and possibly a little hammer. Let Karl know which party you plan to attend on: 07890787933.
The marshall list will be posted on the PA van on the morning of the meeting.

18/09/12 Wirral Venue Change:

Unfortunately, the owner of our track at Puddington has decided to repurpose the land from now on and so our last meeting of the year on the 14th of October will be running at Ellesmere instead. A venue for next season is still undecided.

19/06/12 Facebook Stream added:

I have added a section of the site which allows members who don't have a facebook account to view the information from the Wirral facebook group. If you want access to this stream, email me at with your full name requesting a login and I'll send you a username an password. The stream can be found here, it should automatically ask for a username and password in internet explorer. If you are using a different browser, you may have to click the "login" button, enter your login details and then refresh the page. If you do have a facebook account and are not yet in the "Wiza" group, you can ask to be added by any members who are part of the group.

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