13/6/12 News Update:

20th May Meeting at Trenchfarm: Well done to all of the members and Cheshire MX04 for helping run a good meeting at Trenchfarm with such short notice. The meeting was still off at 12 noon the day before but due to the effort of the club it ran successfully.

10th June Meeting: Unfortunatley, despite the track looking in good condition on the Saturday, the recent rain meant that the paddock was too wet to get vans on and off. It was a tough choice because of all the work the membrs had put in to get it to run but unfortunately the farmer would not allow us to use the other field as paddock space as it would ruin his hay crop. Karl will try and sort something out with the farmer to try and avoid this kind of thing happening again since the track holds the bad weather quite well. Apologies to anybody who turned up on the day, since we tried so hard to run it up until the very last day, the AMCA was not running its text service so it was impossible to contact everyone.

Club Meet up: If you were not at the last club meeting, Karl was discussing a club meet up in the coming weeks, please stay in touch with Karl for more details.

Finally, we wish a speedy recovery to Leah Monks and Ryan Jones who still attend club meetings despite injuries.

Sorry for the long delays in updates, I will be keeping the site updated more regularly now through the Summer.


18/5/12 News Update:

20th May Venue Change: Due to the paddock and track at puddington being too soft to hold a meeting, we will be running our meeting at Ellesmere instead (ll13 ona) which was offered last minute by the AMCA. Please be there promptly as always so we can run without delays. The Marshall list is here.

Norley now on 3rd June: The event at Norley which was going to be held on the bank holiday Monday will now be held on Sunday the 3rd instead. You will automatically be booked into this event if you signed for Norley.

17/4/12 News Update:

Group Championship dates: There are 6 dates for our group championship. The best 4 results from these 5 events are taken into account for the end of year for presentation.

17th June: Coppull

1st July: Eskham House

15th July: Astley Raceway

29th July: Warmingham Lane

12th August: Norley

4/4/12 News Update:

Group Co-ordinator Q&A: Thanks to Nick Webster for coming to the club night on Monday to answer any questions and concerns and thanks to our members for giving him fair chance to answer.

Any other questions or concerns can always be taken to group meetings which are attended by Karl and Dean once a month so don't be afraid to ask.

Group Meeting 3rd April: Karl and Dean brought up concerns about large clubs holding a small number of meetings with a view to their members being mobilised to help out at other events.

The dates for our group championship were also announced, with 6 being held in the Summer and the best 4 results to count towards the championship. There will then be a large presentation night in Manchester at the end of the year.

There is also going to be an open vets championship, held mainly on AMCA championship dates, with one round beinghosted by us.

August Meeting: Our August meeting may be pushed back a week as there is a wedding on that day at the hotel. If we do move then the farmer will compensate us somehow (perhaps some free digger use.)

Marshall List: The marshall list is filling up now and can be found here.

Base Motopark T-Shirts and Hoodies:

T-shirts and hoodies bearing the striking Base Motopark logo are now available which will promote both Base and our club.

Hoodies are £24 each.

T-Shirts are £14.40 each.

Contact Karl for details.

20/3/12 News Update:

Inter-Juniors: Any inter riders signed in to Whalley Nab have been redirected to Ollerton being run by Nantwich. For further details see here. The number of inters in the group has been a little low so far, but hopefully this will increase as riders complete their tests and sign up for more meetings.

Bangor-on-Dee April 1st: This event will not be running unless circumstances change. RIders enetered into this event will be able to switch to a different event through freedom of choice (depending on the number of entries) or receive a refund.


23/2/12 News Update:

Upcoming Season: The last club night seemed nice and busy with plenty of riders signing up to the season openers which is good to see. Due to an issue with the signing sheet, it might be a good idea to double check with Gill that you're signed in. We also got 4 new members which will be a big help. We do however, still need somebody to man the paying in gate for our events so please contact Karl if you're willing or can bring somebody who is.

Junior Vets Series: The AMCA will be running a JUNIOR vets series this season for Juniors over 40. The first round will be on the 7th May in the North Midlands group. There wil then be 3 more rounds with the North West, North Wales and Shropshire, and South Shropshire each hosting a round. Please contact the AMCA for more details.

Practice Day: Karl is keen on running an open practice day on our track this season, with local firms having trade stalls set up and new riders being given the chance to ride our track. More info will come.


9/2/12 News Update:

Next Meeting: Marshalling and work parties for the season will be sorted out at the next meeting on the 20th February. This will also be the last chance to sign up to the first two meetings.

Help at meetings: We have secured the help of Cheshire MX05 to help out on race days. This should make the day run more smoothly but still try and bring along as much help as possible with you on the day.

Group Meeting: Karl and Dean went to the group meeting on the 7th and there have been a couple of fixture changes. The race on the 18th March has been changed to Penkridge. August the 5th is now currently vacant and September 9tth will offer two meetings.

Group Championship: The group championship will be open to all bikes and classes and will probably be held over about 6 rounds. There will also be an over 40 championship which will provide an extra block of racing for the older riders.

New members: We welcome new members Steve Monks (MX1 Junior) and his grandaughter Leah (inter-junior) who should bring a fair bit of experience to our meetings.

New Motoduro Club: A new motoduro club is being formedin the stockport area, more information will come.


1/2/12 News Update:

Committee: The committee for 2012 will consist of Karl Kavanagh as Chairman, Dean Scheers as Vice Chairman, Gill and Mike Dawson as Treasurer/Secretary and Keith Littler as Equipment officer. For those who don't know Dean, he is a former senior rider from our new group and has just earned his official's badge.

Subs reduction: Subs will be reduced this season from £1 to 50p per week during race season.

Work Parties: This season work parties will work a bit differently with each marshall being responsible for their section of track. Marshall points will be drawn from a hat but priority will be given to anybody willing to provide cover for the paying in gate.

Members: Wirral, like many other clubs, has fewer members this year than last which means memebers should bring as much help as possible to our own events.

Base Motopark: We want to work with Base Motopark to bring awareness to our events so please support them and mention them to newcomers to the sport. They are a professionaly run practice facility in Ellesmere Port including a junior track and training circle to teach new riders. More info here.

New Group: Our new group really has a team feel to it. There's a group championship over 4 rounds later in the year with a group presentation at the end of the season.


19/1/12 News Update:

Fixture List: The official fixture list for this season is now available on the AMCA website under North West and North Midlands annual fixture download. There's also a copy on the fixtures page of this site.

Work Party: There will be a work party sometime in the near future to collect all the ropes in. If everybody who can, attends, then it'll be done much faster. The date is yet to be announced.

Race numbers: Despite being in a new group, everybody who raced last season should kep the same numbers. However our new group has a stricter policy on background colours. These will be as per AMCA rulebook, which can be downloaded on the AMCA website.

New members: We'll have some new members again this season so try and help them out with how things work in the club and if anybody has any questions at all Karl is happy to answer on 07890787933.

Facebook Group: Anybody who has facebook should ask Karl for an invite to the group "Wiza" which is set up for Wirral Motocross Club memembers.


16/12/11 News Update:

A lot of changes have been taking place with the club ready for the new season and unfortunately I have been away at uni so unable to keep everybody updated. I'll try and cover the main points here, but if you have any queries Karl has said he is happy to answer them on 07890787933.

Presentation Evening: First of all, a big thanks to Jan, Paul, Ryan and Tixalls Bowling club for yet another excellent night which I'm sure everybody enjoyed.

Group Change: For the 2012 season, it has been decided that Wirral Motocross Club will become part of the North West and North Midlands combined group. This means that the tracks we will now be riding span from Lancaster to Wrexham, with the bulk of the meetings in the Cheshire and Lancashire M6 corridor. These changes have come about due to our previous group being oversubscribed since they have now merged with South Shropshire.

Any rumours of us having no first aid etc in this group are unfounded and we have 3 confirmed meetings for next season with a 4th date TBA. A provisional fixture list is available in the fixtures section.

Any members wishing to move to another club MUST obtain a release letter from Karl, which will not be given unless all debts are cleared with Gill.

Committee: The club is looking for some new committee members for the upcoming season. Gill will remain treasurer an Karl will remain secretary of the club but new committee members can bring fresh ideas and a different perspective. All committee memebers receive free club membership and of course have the biggest impact on the running of the club. It would be preferred if any new committee members would take stewarding course (travel expenses paid for) but it's not essential.


Hope everybody has a happy Christmas and New Year!